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Much has been (and will be) said about Portland’s proposed redistricting.  A significant debate about high school size is playing out in the redistricting plan and Portland has strongly sided with “smaller” neighborhood schools. Put simply, smaller schools offer a more tight knit community, while larger ones offer more diverse elective offerings.

I’m sure you can find examples of successful large and small high schools around the state, which leads me to think that the Deputy Superintendent of the Beaverton schools has it right when she says:

…good teaching trumps school size. She urges Portland to give teachers enough time to plan and collaborate for how they will increase the rigor at every high school.

“Kids love their teachers. There is nothing as important as a good teacher,” Boly said. “Teachers have to be supported throughout this change and they’ll make it work.” 

Frankly, I think the school size argument is a non-starter.  Fill a school with good teachers and good things will happen.  Get community involvement and great things will happen.

I have some real concerns about the changes going on at Benson Polytechnic– Career and Technical Education works best over four years and I’m not sure how the two year program that’s being proposed is going to work.  I wish Portland had made a real commitment to CTE, rather than proposing a 1/2 time program that’s going to have transportation and enrollment issues.  Those looking for a testbed for CTE will probably need to look elsewhere as Portland isn’t really giving it a fair chance here.


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